Integrated Projects

As a part of the VPA Pathway, students all must complete Integrate Projects that pull curricula, skills, and ideas from students’ classes to create a cohesive and meaningful product.

In the 10th Grade, students complete an integrated project relating to the Oakland Housing Crisis. They read the literature surrounding Oakland’s housing crisis, go on a field trip to Navigation Centers to learn from residents, interview folks affected by the crisis, and ultimately write a series of essays and develop an art piece that reflects their understanding of the subject. More information on the 10th Grade Project can be found here.

In the 11th Grade, students are again working with the housing crisis, but students now get to choose their own focus of the housing crisis and develop new understandings regarding this topic. Students follow a similar path as 10th grade, with more academic and artistic rigor.

Finally, in the 12th Grade, students are able to choose their own topic and focus, but follow a similar research and creation path laid out in their 10th and 11th grades. See examples of this Senior Capstone Project here. Students can find resources on creating their Capstone project here.