Creating A Capstone Project

As a part of the VPA, all seniors must complete a Senior Capstone Project as a graduation requirement. These projects synthesize the skills, knowledge, and creativity our students develop in the VPA. Below, you can find resources to help you create your Senior Capstone Project. Students and parents should join the Google Classsroom code ur017r

Three Required Components of the Senior Capstone Project

Creative Work

  • Art portfolio (AP Studio Art) OR
  • 5-15 min. Performance video (Drama, Dance, Music students) OR
  • Social Practices Art History Project

Performing Art Students’ Websites
Visual Art Students’ Websites
Artist Website Rubric

Demetri F. presenting Senior Capstone
Demetri F.

Written Work

  • Two Essays that connect to a students creative work
    • A “Problem” essay
    • A “Solution” or “Theory of Change” essay

Writing Rubric
Multiple Perspectives Guide
Evaluating Sources for Credibility

Oral Presentation

A website of the student’s Creative and Written Work to family, friends, and faculty.

Oral Presentation Rubric
Creating a Website Guide
Oral Presentation Guide

Presentation of Capstone

Detailed information about the Senior Capstone Project can be found in this slideshow