Concurrent and Dual Enrollment

Both Concurrent and Dual enrollment courses offer VPA students the chance to take college-level courses. These courses are free to any 9th-12th grade student, and offer up to 15 units or 4 courses per semester. Meanwhile, students are earning both OUSD and college credits, and boosting their OUSD GPA. Moreover, the credits students earn are UC/CSU transferable! Taking these college-level courses are a great way to be college ready and practice industry-level skills.

Peralta colleges offer free concurrent enrollment for all OUSD students

Concurrent Enrollment (CE)

  • Takes place on the college’s campus
  • Student must pay for textbooks/materials
  • Way more course choice of courses

With a partnership with the Peralta colleges, OUSD students can take many classes for free at the Peralta campuses. Students can also enroll in other college courses, such as at California College of the Arts (CCA).

Students can also take college courses on Skyline's campus through our Dual E

Dual Enrollment (DE)

  • Takes place on Skyline’s campus
  • Textbook/materials paid for by Skyline
  • OUSD sends Peralta transcripts to your counselors for you

VPA offers the opportunity for students to take a college-level painting course, titled Beginning and Continuing Painting.

To find out more information about CE and DE, please check out this slide show.