Guest Artists Present their Careers

Guest artists will be presenting in Illustration this semester to junior classes during our industry research project!

Students will explore different career options in the arts (broadly defined), the path taken to working in these careers, compensation, day in the life, and so on. Students will then make a work of art that fits within that industry, and present it all to their peers so they can share career paths and findings with each other. The project is aligned with senior capstone requirements to give them a bit of practice in their junior year.

To give students a first hand view on what it’s like to actually work within these careers, we will have guest artists present on their experiences in working in these diverse careers. Our list of guests are:

  • Naima Sweeting – landscape architecture
  • Ellen Duda – publishing, illustration, art direction
  • Michael Olivo – comics and fabrication
  • Natasha H – tattoo, Diving Swallow
  • Rocky Boikanyo- current art school experience, fabrication and metalwork, Skyline alum.
  • John-Patrick Thomas – freelance murals and commercial interior space design
  • My Sexton- jack of all trades freelance artist
  • Shannon May – google, art direction and illustration

All presentations will be recorded to create a library of career paths to share and build up from year to year.