On Sunday, February 16th, our Skyline Orchestra students participated in Muse VIVO – the city-wide program for orchestra. Muse VIVO is sponsored and supported by Oakland Symphony, and they joined the Oakland Youth Orchestra. Together, under the direction of Omid Zoufonoun, the principal conductor for the Oakland Youth Orchestra they performed a number of pieces. The Skyline students in this group are:

  • Chester Wonchoba (Bass) 
  • Claire Foster (Cello) 
  • Lavin Yau (Violin 1) 
  • Roman St. Gerard (Violin 1) 
  • Ellena Ancheta (Violin 1) 
  • Siena Killpatrick (Cello) 

This is the third year in a row that Oakland Symphony has provided opportunities for these musicians to participate in side-by-side performances. The combined orchestras provided a moving and energetic performance of Arturo Marquez’ Danzon No.2 (video below).

The Muse VIVO orchestra is composed of students from many different Oakland schools and are under the extraordinary batons of Ms. Stephanie Holmes (Edna Brewer MS), Ms. Beth Vandervennet (Oakland Symphony), and Ms. Linda Green (Thornhill Elementary).

This group will be performing at the Orchestra Festival on March 4th and at their concert at Oakland High School on March 24th. Come listen and support the work of these wonderful young musicians.

The performance below was generously provided by Pascal St Gerard, Muse VIVO parent.

If you would like to get involved with supporting the Arts at Skyline, please check out our page!

Please enjoy the performance!