Winter Concert 2019

On December 18th the Music Department presented an evening of musical selections, including the a first of it’s kind collaboration between Skyline and the Oakland Tech choirs. The evening showcased the talented students and their capabilities of their musical craft. The evening was very well attended with a full house, and the performances well received.

We want to thank a number of people and groups for making this performance possible:

  • Skyline Musical Director: Mr. Adam Green
  • Technical Director and crew: Ms. Kristina Garrett and the technical crew operating sound, lighting and stage support.
  • And a great thank you to parents, and CASH’s support of the performing arts.
  • The Admin team: Nicole Pierce, Bianca D’Allesandro, Rebecca Hang and the rest of the administration team for their support of the Music Program.
  • And our professional mentors, coaches, partners, as well as our community supporters. Thank you!

Please enjoy videos of the evening at the following links and previews.