Highlight: “Romeo & Juliet” directed by Ms. Awele

For the last 3 years, Drama students and Ms. Awele have offered creative work to our community that explores school culture and climate, the importance of healthy relationships and communication to building trust, standing up against intolerance, repairing harm and making amends, restoring balance and trying to heal as best as possible for all to thrive. After all we are human and conflict happens. We’ve offered stories as a window into different worlds that we might learn from or a mirror reflecting and asking–Is this who we are as a community or is this who we want to become? Last year we offered Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare’s comedy-tragedy, romance. Friar Laurence deeply believes that he can heal the community by bringing the teens together through their love, the parents will come together, and all will end as a great romance.

Romeo & Juliet was made possible by a 2 year grant from the California Arts Council (CAC), Artists in the Schools grant and a partnerships with Dr. Philippa Kelly (CalShakes), Making Shakespeare Real and Relevant. Dr. Kelly was the drama department’s dramaturg-in-residence as we explored Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. Our CAC grant supported community partners Philippa Kelly, Leontyne Mbele Mbong (voice and text), Damieon Brown (acting Shakespeare), Dave Maier (Dueling Arts International), Sean Foster (Afro-Cuban Salsa Rueda), Kristina Garrett (scenic and sound design), and Jasmine Williams (costume design). Special thanks to our student lighting designer, Marc Jensen and to our Prop Master, Ms. Ropp.

A special thanks to California Arts Council’s Artists in the Schools grant! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Come check out Skyline’s Drama Department perform our Fall Play in late November! Updates coming soon!